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Amope my beloved: Chronicle of Love

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I was busy drinking palm wine in iya Ireti's palm wine joint with my friends, this was our normal routine every Friday night before we retired for bed. Today's night was special from every other night because the palm wine was as sweet as honey, and the atmosphere was very appealing. What did you put inside the palm wine today iya ireti? Asked my friend, jide omo iya eleko and she replied "your mother's eko", we all laughed. This was one of those things you get in a palm wine joint, nobody gets angry and anybody is free to insult anybody.

 I wasn't having so much money today because I didn't make much sale from my bead business that week, so the expenses were on odewale my friend who was one of the most successful and famous hunters in Ibadan. I was trying to be careful today so that I don't get drunk like  the other day that I slept inside the gutter, I only settled for just 5 cups of palm wine which I thought was enough for that night.

The day was gradually getting old, but thanks to Eledumare for the moon which was out to cover the night from its shame with bright rays, nobody was ready to go home today because days like this come once in a blue moon. As if that wasn't enough, the bata drummers came with their bata to lighten the atmosphere. That was when I knew I wasn't going home tonight. Behold, I saw a living creature coming from afar in a white gown like an angel from heaven. I opened my eyes so wide like the White man's flash light to see clearly what was coming from afar and I noticed it was a beautiful damsel with an ebony skin and a pretty face like Yeye Osun. I have never seen a lady so pretty like this, this must be a gift from Eledumare, I told myself. Without wasting a minute I walked up to her, and asked her name, and she replied "Amope", that was actually the name of my late grandmother. I asked Amope, "can I have a dance with you?" She was quiet for some minutes with her head down like a tortoise trying to hide its head inside its shell but suddenly she replied yes with a beautiful shy voice.

The stage was cleared for us and the bata drummers gave us a beautiful beat. We danced for hours until amope looked me in the eyes and said my bones are too weak to continue. Immediately, I held her tight in my arms and she put her heads on my shoulder with smiles on her face. In my heart, I knew this was my missing rib. Quickly, I knelt down and asked, "will you marry me Amope?" She looked around and everybody was shouting say yes, she looked at me with a matte face, at this point in time I was scared she was going to say No. To my surprise, she said yes. I jumped up and held her so tight like a mother that won't let her baby go.

Amope is in my house now taking care of our children. They said a wife married from a dance floor doesn't stay for long in your home, but Amope is an epitome of a real Africa woman. She has been with me during the good and bad times. Help me shout Amope ooo!

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