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Why Over 100 Chibok girls are scared to return home

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According to report, over 100 chibok girls held hostage by the boko haram sect are refusing to return home to thier  families in chibok community in Borno.

According to Pogu Bitrus, a community leader who is in involved in the negotiation disclosed this to Daily Mail that more than 100 of the abducted Chibok school girls are not excited to leave their captors.

Bitrus, who is the chairman of the Chibok Development Association, further disclosed that the " unwilling girls" where ashamed to return back to their families because most of them have babies and had been compel to marry the boko haram sect.

He said book haram commander gave the girls two options; is either they embrace Islam, or become their slave.

He also made mention of the importance of foreign education for the 21 freed girls because of the stigma this as caused in thier lives.

Many of the chibok girls who escaped from the book haram sect  2 years back were labelled " book haram wives" by the chibok people, he said.

“We would prefer that they are taken away from the community and this country because the stigmatization is going to affect them for the rest of their lives. Even someone believed to have been abused by Boko Haram would be seen in a bad light”, said Bitrus.

The 21 girls were released last week after negotiations between the government and book haram sect.

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