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The confessions of a broken girl

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He treats me selfishly
Every good he does me is for himself
Turns me on to turn himself off
Uses me to satisfy his lustful desires
Yet I accede to his directives

He only considers me when he's done with me
Taking every opportunity to use me as a lifter of burden
Getting me accustomed to his touch and activities
To which I just can't not acceed

I thought it was just for a short time
But you said I scare you when I say that
You made me believe it was going to last
But I keep emphasizing it
It wasn't meant to last
But of course it didn't
The moment I denied you of my body
You denied me of my joy
You took off, not bothering to look back

I'm amazed to see you have come back
But I know it is for my body
You hide under the charade of problems
So I can just let you in again
Well, I have decided to accept my fate
Seems to me that I still have not found it
The happiness I'm to get in homo sapiens
But then, I'd better work on me
And make you know that you have lost a rare jewel.

©Alonge Lolade Esther

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