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MY WORK AND I: interview with Codeberg a programmer and software developer

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Like we always do on OJBlog bringing in creative minds and promoting creativity. This week on my work and I we have a programmer, software engineer and a developer but I use to call him Mr Far. Let's get to meet him and know how it all start for him.

OJBlog: Can you please tell our readers your name?

My Name is Lukmon Oluwadamilola Agboola but am popularly known has Codeberg.


OJBlog: hmmm!!... Codeberg, you must be good with code, how did you come about that name "codeberg"?

Codeberg was giving to me by a very close friend of mine. He once said that I always think of code as the solution to most problems.

OJBlog: Ehnehn.... You must help me use code find my soulmate oo.. Laugh!!!

No wahala, (gotSoulmate==false)  keepSearching(); hahaha!!

OJBlog: Smile..... So can you tell our readers your work?

I can do anything, but basically I'm a software developer, I'm running a digital entertainment startup and l do freelance too.

OJBlog: let me just call you  jack of all trade master of all, is there any other name for software developer?

Yeah, software engineer, Developer, programmer.

OJBlog: how did software developing start for you, did you just woke one day and say I want to be a software developer?

10 years ago if you ask me what I want to become in the future, I would say a scientist because i grew up with great passion for anything concerning science and tech, while my friends are out playing football and other stuffs most times i would lock myself inside my room and play with electronic components. I would create toycars, walkie talkies, etc. Then one day my younger sister brought a computer book home which was shared to students in junior secondary school by the Lagos State government, governed by Babatunde Fashola then. Inside that book was where I first discovered programming and where I learned how to code with the BASIC programming language. And that's where the journey started for me as a software developer.

OJBlog: Wow, I must say you are a very determined man, ehnehn!!.. this question have been eager to ask, how did you come about Fer? Am a big fan of that game?

Everything about fer is concept based... Its just pure imagination.

OJBlog: Bros, I  don't understand this your concept base oo, explain to us in a simple english. Laugh!!....what inspired you to do  fer?

To be honest the inspiration came from a game called color switch... Its just like color switch re-imagined.

OJBlog: What has been  the response since the game was lunched?

Excellent response! on the Google playstore its rated 4.8/5

OJBlog: Wow, that's is great review, If you are reading this make sure you download Fer,  How can our readers get this game?

Very easy just search for Ovaplay on the Google playstore. We're planning on porting it to IOS, Windows store, Android watch and Android TV real soon

OJBlog: How did you come with that name Fer?

I just want a name that would put everyone on suspense...

OJBlog: Did you consider other names before Fer?

Yes, like coco's lair

OJBlog: Fer to me was the perfect name.....great job bro. Its obvious you are working,  who can you say is your mentor?


OJBlog: Believe me have been following you on Facebook and I see something like tricycle popularly knowns as "keke maruwa"... Which one is that again Oga?

Laugh!!!... its Tri-formers the game i'm currently working on.

Codeberg working on his new game tri-formers

OJBlog: You know what I love about the picture am seeing is very real with keke napep and that very popular hall you use, whats the name?

The National Arts Theatre

OJBlog: Bros you don turn something else oo, I can't wait to have it on my game list. How many games/software have you made?

Haha... I can't count. I work almost every day.

OJBlog: You are workaholic oo, which one would you say was your best work so far?

Fer is the best...because it gave my startup a strong foothold.

OJBlog: I actually got to know you through Fer... I must confess that was a great work. What should will be expecting from you?

The best of the best...

OJBlog: I should calling you mr Fer?

Laugh.... Anyone you call me

OJBlog: what do you do when you are not working?

I go to the movies, go to the pool to swim or play games.

OJBlog: How can our readers get to connect with you on all the social media platform.

@Codeberg on Twitter, @Codeberg_ovaplay on Instagram @Codeberg on snapchat and @Codeberg on Telegram.

OJBlog: thanks for your time.

Thanks alot... I really appreciate.

That is it for this week on my work and I , don't forget to drop your comment and keep on supporting creativity.

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