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How I make money on fiverr- by Adegbola Seun

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A few months ago I wouldn’t have written a post about how to make money on fiverr in Nigeria or how to make money online in Nigeria at all.

It all seemed so unreal having tried so many avenue like Pay per download (ppd) , CPAs , making money with pictures and which all seemed not to work for me . So I kept jumping from one shiny new online venture to another, didn’t  learn anything and barely making enough to cover my data subscription fees. But that has changed thanks to a level 2 badge and a 99% rating on Fiverr.

Before I get into full details, a little introduction before I get started;

So what  is fiverr?

Fiverr is a marketplace where gigs (services) are priced  at $5.  Just  Five dollars ? well no fiverr takes 20% of every sale so technically is $4. I know so many people are already turned off at the idea of selling gigs on fiverr because the $4 is too low. Well it is , if you’re closed-minded and  do not understand the power of fiverr. Not all gigs are priced at $5 and you as a seller can fix how much you want you want for your gigs when you start getting ratings and reviews.

Fiverr in the simplest form is a marketplace/platform where you can make money online with no investment … Yes, even as a Nigerian. To break it down,
In this post I am going to show you :

  1. The basic terms used on fiverr
  2. What kind of services  can I sell on  fiverr 
  3. How to register an account on fiverr  and create an outstanding profile
  4. How to create a gig and promote your gig on social media
  5. The “ not so secret method “ to getting your client even on the first day
  6. Precautions to avoid getting your account banned.

Fiverr terms
There are many terms used on fiverr , but I will just show you the basics while you can read the rest  Here

Buyer : a buyer is a registered user who can purchase a gig on Fiverr

  • Seller: A registered user who offers Gigs on fiverr
  • Gig: A service offered by the seller , A gig can be “I will write an article for $5”
  • Express Gig : Gigs that are delivered within 24 hours
  • Order: when a buyer makes a purchase for a Gig , It’s called an order.
  • Revenue: the money a seller earns after an order is completed
  • Levels: Sellers on Fiverr can gain Level statuses ( Level 1 , 2 and Top rated seller ) based on performance and reputation. Level 1: a seller attains level 1 status when your account is 30 day old and you’ve  completed 10 orders with excellent ratings Level 2 : account must be over 30 days old,  50 completed sales with excellent ratings. Top rated seller : there really is no specified guideline set by Fiverr to become a Top rated seller , they are randomnly selected 

What Kind of services can I sell on Fiverr
There are so a lot of services you could offer on fiverr , ranging from
Article writing.

To graphics and design

Web design and programming

Animation and videos , Translation, audio mixing , digital marketing and so on. There are some funny gigs too.

And even some Nigerians are selling their own personal services

How to register  and create an outstanding profile on fiverr:
To get started on the platform all you need to do is sign up as a member ; by creating an account
Go to the site and click on join, and a pop up page will appear where you will be  requested to input your email
 ( I’ll advise you open a brand new email for this , as this email will be used to update you on activities in your account ; new messages in your inbox, new order , updates and promotions)

After providing your email, you’ll  need to create a username  and password. You really have to be creative when creating a new username, this is what the buyers will refer to when relating with you … just make sure its catchy , creative and can be easily remembered . Don’t use a username like soundmaster when your gigs are about article writing or dancing Jane when your gigs about business strategy ... I’m sure you get the drift. If that is all done check your email and confirm your account!

At the top right corner of your account , You’ll see your username with the first  letter of your username in a shaded circle, Click on it and you’ll see  a drop down menu with “my profile “ on the list , Click on my profile -( then edit Upload a good quality picture that "looks the part "  if you’re in article niche try to at least look a bit professional but no to overly serious  , If you’ll be editing songs or your generally in the music niche , a nice pic of you in the  studio with  a headphone on will be okay and for graphic designers a caricature of your pic will sell the part. I’m not saying all this is completely necessary but just try to look the part of what you sell.
In your description , Introduce yourself , what you do and how long you’ve been doing it and why anyone should order your gig … Sounds complicated ? Here are a few examples.

You can then update your language and skills

If you’re okay with linking your  social media accounts with Fiverr, You can do that too

How to create a Gig on fiverr
To create a gig , simply go the right hand corner of your fiverr homepage and click on the drop down menu , click on selling then create gig

Here is what creating a gig looks like in the image below:

All you have to do is to describe you service. In this case I’m using the Virtual assistant example. Please not that the “I will” is always set by default  so you don’t need to write that again. Select the appropriate categories and  add your tags .
A tag is a keyword used by buyers to find a service , So assuming a seller wants buy a virtual assistant gig ..what keywords will he/she use to search for the gigs to buy ? I  hope you get that, If you don’t just look for the top sellers offering similar gigs and copy their tags.

Then set You pricing (as a new seller, It is advisable to set your  pricing to $5 and delivery time to 24hours till you start getting reviews )

A brief decription of your service


Upload a very High quality Image ( dimesion 700x500) and Hit publish and share across social media.

The “not so secret method“  to getting your client even on the first day
So finally the gig is up and its time to start getting orders which brings us to the “ not so secret method “ . I call it not so secret because a lot of people are already using it and they’re getting results even on the first day. And the Method is the- Buyer’s request page

The buyers request page is where the buyers post requests about services they want completed within a particular time frame and how much they are willing to spend, the key to getting orders through buyers request page is too be among the first five to send a meaningful proposal to the prospective client.
To access the buyers’ request page , go to your account homepage , click on selling , You’ll see a drop down menu , click on buyers request.

And here is what the buyers request page looks like.

If you look at the image above carefully you’ll see it states that you Have 10 offers today . This means You can only send 10 offers to clients in a day. You should try not to send random offers. And below that you’ll see the offers , duration and budget in the front  of the buyer request. The offer means the number of people that have sent a proposal to the client Duration: how soon the buyer wants the job done and the budget Is how much the buyer is willing to spend .

A quick tip for getting the job through the buyer request even if you have no review  There are a lot of templates online that will tell you to do this or do that but the truth is that they have been overused and buyers have seen the same templates over and over again. So the best way is to stand out.
let the buyer know that you really read and understand the task and You know what you’re doing  , then tell the buyer why you are the one for the job . A method I used for a client before he became a  repeat customer was to offer my service and tell him that he can pay me when I deliver the order and he likes it ( its not really advisable but it works)

The truth is, Fiverr is not a get rich quick scheme. It requires a lot of hardwork and commitment . In my first few months on fiverr I still struggled to make some sales. It took me about 6months to get to level 1(10 orders completed ) simply because I was waiting for the buyers to come to.  Then I learned a few things : download the fiverr app and stay online 24/7  and use the buyers request . If possible refresh every hour (although some people say the best times to check the buyers request page is between 4pm -7pm CAT) . After the two “secrets” I learnt It took me less than 3 months to get to Level 2 ( 50 orders) and I don’t even use the buyers request anymore
Here is  a screenshot of my account , This is not to brag but to encourage you that fiverr is real and you can make it too.
To avoid your account from being banned , Please read  this

As at today  21/10/2016 A dollar is 450 naira in the parallel market . So think about it … Don’t just read take action.

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