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Beautiful lies Nigeria politician tells during election.

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If lie was a course in the university, then Nigeria politicians will always come out with a first class degree. That is how good they are in the lie business. They will come out with beautiful lies during election to get the people to vote for them, after getting the power they seek, the people will be forgotten.  Let's look at some lies Nigeria politicians often tell during their campaigns.

Stable power supply.
 This is one of the famous sermons Nigerian politicians always preach both in the state and Federal level during campaign. The same people that promise stable power supply will raise the electricity tariff, they will then make use of generator while the citizens will have to stick to their candles.

Free feeding for primary school pupils.
The present administration promised free food during their manifesto, until this day I haven't heard of any school giving free food. Maybe they will start next year sha. Laugh!!!

Reduction in fuel price.
This trick always works for politicians every election year, but the people always fall flat for this trick. "They will say it again in the next general election just chill"... When they finally get the power they seek, all the promises become "Story for the gods."

Free education.
If this was said by the late Obafemi Awolowo I will have no doubt. This is one of the promises that politicians use to cajole the citizens, especially  the youth towards voting for them.

I will transform Nigeria, and it will look like America.
Hanhan!! Oga politician...even my one year old little brother will not believe this. Some people still fall for this lie. Let's be realistic, is four years enough to turn Nigeria into United State of America? Beautiful lies.

I will make 1$ equal to 1 Naira
Hmmm... the present administration actually promised to equal dollars to Naira, but till date, the Naira is yet to be equal to dollar. Maybe they are working on it, did I hear you say "if I hear"? *laugh.*

I will provide 1million jobs.
Chai! Another fallacy. Someone that can't provide 10 thousand jobs will be promising 1million jobs. After they have been elected, all they do is drive around in exotic cars, building mansions both inside and outside the country.

Infrastructure Development.
This is where the lies become more effective like a charm. Almost all of them promise road repairs, railways, hospitals in rural areas, renovation of bridges and boreholes and so many other infrastructural developments. Yet our roads are nothing to write home about, and people still go extra miles to get water.

 I think it is high time we stood up to fight for our rights. Let us say no to Still-born promises.

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