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5 cities you should spend your holiday in Nigeria

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No doubt Nigeria is a great country with beautiful cities; in recent years Nigeria has become one of the most sought after tourism countries in Africa. Nigeria is rich in culture and tradition and has got beautiful landscape . why waste so much money traveling abroad when there are beautiful cities here in Nigeria where you can spend your holiday and have a great time with your family and friends.


The city of all. There is no dulling moment in this city, Lagos is one place you will never regret going. They are literally thousands of place you can have fun in Lagos. Lagos is known for music, fashion, architecture, and social life. For those who love nightlife lagos is the next place to be. Lagos have got beautiful beach that will catch your fancy like the lekki beach, Eleko beach, bar beach, Alpha beach and Badagry beach.


The capital city of Nigeria and one city that guarantee you a lot fun for your money. Having spend some few  years in Abuja believe me this city has a lot of social activities to keep you busy and happy.  Abuja also have a lot of fun fare center to keep the children happy like the millennium park, amusement park and some other pack that take care of thier playful activities. This is one city when you go to for the first time you might have some doubt that you are not in Nigeria. Abuja have got some great restaurants where you are served with local delicacy.


popularly known as the garden city. They are lot of things to give you joy in this city like the museums, wildlife and shrines to visit. On daily basis tourist from other countries troop into the city to relax, It also accommodate those who comes for business, education and entertainment purpose. This city promises you delicious delicacy like the afang soup and garri, banga soup and fufu ( populaly called in port Harcourt loi-loi). Port Harcourt is argurable  Africa's top oil and gas producing cities.


If you are looking for a place to make you feel at home Enugu is that place to go. Enugu is arguably one of the most beautiful city in Nigeria with a well structured environment. The city have got beautiful places that attract  tourist from other countries, places like the Ngwo Pine forest, Opi Lake Complex, Eziagu tourism complex, Ani Ozalla Lake, silicon hill, Iva valley coal mine, Awhum waterfall, Milken hill to mention but a few.


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This is another home for tourist, beautiful and loveable. Calabar is a place for relaxation for family and as a single person. it is the home of the popular delicacy  Edikan Ikong, I personal love it. You can also try some dog meat if you are man enough and if is not a taboo to you, that is actually one the favourite meat in calabar. One beautiful thing about calabar is the language it sounds like Chinese, you can has well try to learn the language.

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